Sprayed in bed liner | 1970 GMC pickup truck

spray in bed linerSprayed in bed liner | 1970 GMC pickup truck

At Inyati bedliners, sprayed in bed liners on new trucks is the majority of what we see; most trucks are less than a month old.  These days we are seeing an increasing trend of older vehicles coming in.  Most of the older vehicles are restoration projects and many of them are simply amazing.  Often times bed protection is an after thought, and so we have to work around freshly painted vehicles.  Fresh high end paint.  Not a problem, as we have 20 years experience in the business and have properly masked a truck or two in that time!  This particular 1970 GMC pickup came to us because the restoration team had a delay in interior parts, and so they decided to use the down time to get the bed “Inyati Lined”

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A minor delay with the interior gave Inyati time to complete the sprayed in bed liner!

There are a couple of important factors in dealing with a vehicle this old.  Number one is all the rust must be completely removed.  Rust will continue to rust beneath the liner if it is not completely removed, this will cause adhesion problems later and negatively effects the structural integrity of the bed.  Number two is that all the contaminants on the substrate must be removed.  All oils, greases, acids, paints etc must be completely removed.  Often times the best option is to have the bed sandblasted down to the bare metal, while other times all that is needed is an extra hour or two of intensive sanding.

This truck was completed in an afternoon and the customer picked it up the next morning

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