Custom Hummer H1 by Inyati sprayed in bed liners

Custom Hummer H1 completely sprayed with Inyati sprayed in bed liners material

The custom Hummer H1 Project we completed for Predator Rides was definitely one of the more extreme projects we’ve worked on.  The client wanted the entire outside of the vehicle coated with our tough polyurethane coating.  He could have just got a regular paint job, but was looking for something completely different, something that no body else would have.  We scheduled drop off at Inyati Sprayed in Bedliners Chandler, Arizona location because of the oversize spray booth.  H1’s are significantly wider than your average vehicle and would be extremely difficult to spray in a regular spray booth.

The first step in the project was to remove the lights as the client was going to have them painted black aswell.  As you might notice from the first picture in the gallery below the client is a member of our armed forces (more on his story later)

The next step was to apply the wire trim.  Wire trim is a sharp metal wire attached to a narrow roll of tape.  After the spray job is complete the wire is pulled which creates a cut in the material, giving it the nice clean lines and edges.

After the wire trim was applied, the rest of the paper, plastic and tape masking was completed.  The hood was lifted up and the entire engine was masked off.

Next up was surface prep.  The surface was sanded down to create mechanical bonding, and then the surface was prepped with our proprietary blended de-greaser/adhesion promoter.  This blend helps create chemical bonding.

The Hummer was then backed into the booth where we continued masking off the wheels, undercarriage and driver windows.

The spraying was completed in roughly 30 minutes, and after the bedliner material was applied a 2nd Ultra Violet Top Coat material was applied to keep the liner looking new for years to come.

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Custom Hummer H1



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