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When Inyati sprayed in Bedliners was contacted by Performance Auto Group in Chino Valley, Arizona about doing some work on a custom Jeep project we immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with this top notch custom fabrication facility. (see bottom of this post for their contact info).

P.A.G. and their sister companies OR-Fab and Trail Master Suspension were rushing to complete their modified 1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ for upcoming shows and off-road events and needed Inyati to complete some highly specialized custom spray work in a short period of time.

The Jeep was transported by trailer to Inyati sprayed in Bedliner’s Chandler location,  where we complete most of our custom spray job requests.  Once there,  we went over the details and marked off specific areas they needed sprayed.  The outside of the Jeep needed to be sprayed from just beneath the windows down, as well as the custom steel running boards, wheel wells, rear hatch, door sills and the rear part of the interior.

Inyati  got to work right away by beginning prep work on all the surfaces.  We used an air hose to remove dust and debris, and then used a specialized degreaser/adhesion promoter on the surface.

Next we applied  wire trim line  which is used to create the nice clean lines that separate sprayed areas from non sprayed areas.  In the early days of sprayed in bedliners many shops had to trim by hand with box cutters!

After the wire trim was applied, the rest of the masking job could be completed.  Any areas not being sprayed must be masked off, otherwise they will be covered in over-spray.

Next, we sanded down the surface with 80 grit sandpaper, and then re-wiped it with the degreaser/adhesion promoter.

The Jeep was backed into the booth, and the Inyati spray technician sprayed the interior of the Jeep first, then closed the hatch, and sprayed the outside.

The final step was to pull the Jeep out of the spray booth, and remove all of the masking.


If you have a custom project that you might be interested in having Inyati spray for you please feel free to CONTACT us.



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  1. Austin
    January 28th

    This is on Autotrader right now for like 18 grand

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