Inyati Bed Liner Care Instructions

Inyati bed liner care instructions:

Q:When can I use my Bed liner?
A: You can use your bed liner 24 hours after installation. Although the bed liner is dry, the curing process will only be complete in 24 hours, and it is preferable not to use your bed liner during this period. It is also recommended not wash the vehicle for 24 hours, although rain water will not harm the liner

Q: How do I keep my liner clean?
A: We recommend cleaning with a regular water hose to remove dust and dirt. If you use a commercial car wash company or use soap on your bed, thorough rinsing is recommended to eliminate greying problems associated with dry soap residue and wax buildup.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use silicone based cleaners and shiners, as these will attract dust and also create adhesion issues should the bed liner require repairs or respray.